Sonoma Community Room

Request Use of the Sonoma Community Room

Image of Sonoma Community Room RCU is also pleased to offer use of our Sonoma Community Room to non-profit and community organizations for meetings and other events.  These events are typically sponsored by RCU managers or staff who are volunteer Board members for the organization requesting to use the room. 

Priority is given to RCU company events and RCU reserves the right to decline requests to use the Sonoma Community Room based on availability or incompatibility with our mission and goals.

To request to use the Sonoma Community Room, please work with the Redwood Credit Union employee who volunteers with your organization, and complete and return our Request Form.

Submit this form & the RCU Sponsor Guidelines Acknowledgement to the Administration Department:
Redwood Credit Union
P.O. Box 6104
Santa Rosa, CA 95406-0104  

Thank you for your support of our communities and of Redwood Credit Union!

RCU's Sonoma Room hosts a variety of community events.