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RCU's ATM Benefits

We make it easy for you to get cash anytime, anywhere!
Transactions are safe, secure, and available 24x7.


RCU ATM Locator

  • 40 RCU ATMs throughout the North Bay and San Francisco, where you can check balances, get cash, make deposits, transfers, loan payments, and more!

  • CO-OP ATM Network30,000 free CO-OP ATMs nationwide, including those at other credit unions, and at Costco and 7-Eleven* stores – just look for the CO-OP logo! 

  • Now you can use any bank or other ATM** and we’ll reimburse up to 4 out-of-network fees per month!
    • With RCU checking: we’ll reimburse up to 2 non-RCU ATM fees per month
    • With RCU checking plus an active RCU loan or credit card: we’ll reimburse up to 4 non-RCU ATM fees per month

ATM Locator IconFinding a free ATM is easy – just use our online ATM locator or click the location symbol on our mobile app (you don’t even need to log in)!

Who offers more free ATMs nationwide?

* 7-Eleven ATMs do not offer deposit functionality. ** Excluding ATMs at casinos and gambling locations, and ATMs located outside the U.S. Reimbursements deposited to your RCU account the next business day. Active loan or credit card = at least one transaction or payment in prior month.

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