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New! Sub-Users for Business Accounts

September 1, 2020








Great news for business owners: You can now add sub-users to your RCU business account in online banking! Sub-user access lets you specify custom controls for bookkeepers, people on your accounting team, and other trusted employees and third parties. This includes the ability to limit account access to certain days and times, set transaction limits, and provide custom permissions for the following features:

  • Bill Pay
  • eStatements
  • Transaction history
  • Stop payments
  • Time and date access controls
  • Internal transfers
  • View current activity, electronic (ACH) transfers, and other holds

Sub-user features are also Intuit-compatible.

If you’d like to use these convenient options for your business account but are not currently enrolled in online banking, please visit Creating Sub-users for Business Accounts to learn more about these and other features, and sign up online today!

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