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Notary services

Notary services are available to RCU Members only. There is no charge for notary services on Redwood Credit Union documents. For non-RCU documents, a small fee applies.

What you will need

Photo ID

Bring your photo ID for verification of your identity.

Full document(s) requiring notarization

Bring all documents needing notarization in their complete form to help the appointment run smoothly.

Method of payment (non-RCU documents)

For notarization of non-RCU documents, $15 per signature is required.


Available at all branches

Since many financial documents require notarization, RCU makes it easy for our Members by providing on-staff notaries at all branch locations.

Personal or business notarizing needs

RCU can notarize any Member's documents, whether they are needed for personal or business purposes.

Good to know

Unable to notarize wills

RCU provides notary services for a variety of legal documents; however, RCU is unable to notarize wills. Certain restrictions to notary services may apply.

Notary provides verification of signer only

Notary services verify only the identity of the individual who signed the document being notarized, and not the truthfulness, accuracy, or validity of that document.

If required, bring a credible witness

RCU employees can't act as a witness. If a witness is required, please bring someone who knows you personally, and can vouch for your identity.

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Count on a good experience

During the appointment, we’ll help you choose the right services for your needs, open your account, and make sure you have secure, convenient access 24/7 with RCU online or mobile banking.

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Not a Member?

Notary services are available only to current RCU Members. Apply now to enjoy this and the many other benefits of membership.

  • RCU notary services are available only to RCU Members.