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How can I transfer money between my RCU account and my accounts at another financial institution in RCU Online banking?

Transfers & Payments

You have a few options to transfer funds between your Redwood Credit Union account and your accounts at other financial institutions:

Note: If you are looking to transfer money from an RCU Account to another person at a different financial institution please review our RCUpay, Bill Pay and Wire Transfer options.

  • Access our External Account Manager transfer service, available through your RCU Online banking account
  • You can also make a One Time External Account Payment, also available through your RCU Online banking account
  • Or by completing an ACH Origination Authorization form located on our website

External Account Manager

To set up an External Transfer within RCU Online Banking, click on Transfers & Payments, then "External Account Manager":

External Account Manager

One Time External Account Payments

You can also make a One Time external account payment. To set up a payment go to Transfer & Payments, then "Payments".

Transfers & Payments > Payments

Under "From Another Bank or CU" choose "New External Account". Fill out the account information, amount and frequency. The payment process will take three to four business days to complete.

From this Account: One Time External Account

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