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How do I select a Security Picture and Security Phrase in RCU Online banking?

When you enroll in RCU Online banking, you will be asked to select a Security Picture and enter a Security Phrase. Your Security Picture and Security Phrase are additional measures which will help you verify your identity and confirm that you are logging into RCU Online banking and not a fraudulent site .

On the screen, you will see a default image. You can change this image by clicking the "Select a different image" link. A gallery will display more pictures which you can select for your Security Picture.

After you have finished selecting your Security Picture, enter a Security Phrase that will be easy for you to remember but not easy for others to guess.

Click "Next" when you are finished.

Your Security Phrase:

  • Must be between 4 and 50 characters
  • Should be something memorable
    • Example: I love fishing! 

Be sure to remember your Security Picture and Security Phrase. Next time, before you finish logging in to your account, be sure the Security Picture you selected and the Security Phrase you entered are displayed.

RCU Online Banking security phrase and image