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Why do I have to answer a Security Question every time I log in to RCU Online banking?

The Security Questions you answered when you registered for RCU Online banking are part of the Multi Factor Authentication process and help to identify you as well as protect you from identity theft and fraud. Every time you sign in to RCU Online banking, you will be asked one of your three Security Questions before you are signed in to the system.

If you sign in from a secure, private location (such as your home computer), you may check "Yes" next to "Remember Computer?". This will allow you to bypass being asked a Security Question the next time you sign in.

IMPORTANT: Only check "Yes" to remember your computer if you are using a private computer, such as your home. If you are using a public computer, then DO NOT check "Yes" to remember your computer. Examples of public computers include libraries, internet cafes, work stations, and hotel computers.