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When I review the sign in history for my account in RCU Online, what do the numbers on the right hand side of the screen mean?

The numbers under the "From" column on your sign in history screen indicate the location of every login and login attempt on your account.

Each number is an Internet Protocol (IP) Address, associated with a computer connected to the internet. Put simply, an IP Address is a computer's "address"; it consists of a series of numbers separated by periods.

IP Address

If you only sign in to your account from one location (such as your home computer), you may notice that the IP Address for each login attempt is the same. This is expected.

If, on the other hand, you notice multiple IP Addresses in your sign in history even though you only log in from one location, this does not necessarily mean that your account has been compromised. For example, account aggregators such as and Quicken have their own IP Address and if you use these services, you may notice these login attempts in your sign in history.

However, if you wish to change your Username and/or password for security reasons, you may do so at any time. View the links below for information on how to do this.