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How do I increase my debit card limit?

Your debit card has two types of ways it can process transactions.

The first type is when you process your charge like a credit card. Using it as "credit" is when you use your signature to sign for the purchase. The second type is a Point Of Sale or "Debit" purchase where you use your PIN. Both of these types of transactions are allowed based on your debit card limit for transactions.

Your debit card limits are between $500.00 and $3,500.00. If you would like to increase the limit on your debit card, login to your online banking account or login to your account using RCU's mobile app, navigate to "Manage Cards" and select "Adjust Debit Limits".

Limits may be increased up to $5,000 on consumer debit card accounts. Limit increases are good for a 3 day period. 

To increase your limit above $5,000 contact our Member Service Center at 800-479-7928 or visit your nearest RCU Branch.