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Should I notify RCU when I travel ?

Yes. We collect relevant domestic and international travel information to ensure your VISA Debit or VISA Credit Card transactions are processed without issue, as we monitor for unusual or out of pattern activity.

You can enter Travel Notes via online banking or the mobile app by following these easy steps:

Online Banking

1. Log into RCU online banking.

2. Travel Notes are listed in two locations in the navigation under Manage Cards or Member Services. Choose Travel Notes in the drop down menu.  

Travel Notes is located under Manage Cards in online banking

3. Follow the on screen instructions - enter your travel dates, locations and contact information as appropriate. Save and you're done !
You can also view current travel notes.

Enter Travel Notes or View Current Travel Notes

Mobile App

1. Log into the Redwood Credit Union mobile app.

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iOs (for iPhone & iPad)

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Access on your device’s browser

2. In the navigation go to Manage Cards and select Travel Notes.

Mobile app Manage Cards choose Travel Notes in navigation

3. Add Travel Notes information such as destination, date, cards and contact information.
You can also view existing travel notes

Add Travel Notes

Choose Region

Choose Region 

Travel Dates

Add Date Information

Choose Cards

Choose what cards you are taking

Enter Contact Information

Enter contact information

4. Save and you're done!