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I just opened a new RCU Checking Account through Online Banking. How do I deposit funds into my new account?

Making Your First Deposit to your new Checking Account

To accomplish this through Online Banking you have the following options:

  • Transfer funds from your existing RCU Regular Savings account, or another account. Under the top navigation go to Transfers & Payments, select "Transfers". For instructions on how to setup a transfer please view the following article:
    >> How do I complete a transfer using online banking?
    Online Banking Transfers Navigation Menu
  • Or, you may also deposit funds with a check from another financial institution using your mobile phone and the RCU Mobile app.
    • Download and install the RCU app available from the App Store (Apple devices) or Google Play (Android devices). 
      >> Where can I find the RCU mobile app?
    • Sign in to the app using your Online Banking username and password.  Note that you see the same Security Image as with your RCU Online Banking.
    • Select Deposit Checks and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the deposit by selecting your new Checking Account from the dropdown menu.
    • Once the deposit is complete, you will receive a confirmation email.
      >> How do I deposit checks on my smart phone or tablet?
    • If deposited to Savings Account, use Mobile app to transfer funds into your new Checking Account.
  • Use our External Account Manager to transfer funds from another institution.  For instructions on how to setup an external account please view the following article:
    >> How do I set up an External Transfer in the RCU Online Banking?
  • You can also deposit money into your account at an ATM or at one of our branches. Please visit our ATM & Branch locator  page to find a location near you.