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Vishing Scam Alert - 10/27/2016

Redwood Credit Union wants to warn you of text message scams currently going around that are asking people to call an 844 prefix phone number. Once you call, you are put through to an automated system informing you that your card has been blocked and asks for sensitive information related to your card. If you get a text like this do not call the number back and do not give any personal information. If you are concerned that your card may be blocked, please call us directly at: 1-800-479-7928 to check on your account status.

This scheme is referred to as a Vishing Scam. Criminals are sending this message out to mass groups of people in hopes that someone will provide their personal information, which can then be used to steal their identity.

Below are examples of Vishing text messages:

Vishing Text Message Example

Vishing Text Message Example VISA