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How do I redeem Redwood Rewards in online banking?

You can redeem your points at any time starting with as few as 2,500 points for cash back, travel, merchandise, gift cards, and more!

To redeem your points in online banking please log in.

  1. To view or redeem your points click Rewards in the top menu or click on the Redwood Rewards link in the sidebar.
    Redwood Rewards in Navitation. Redwood Rewards link in Sidebar

  2. Once you are on the Redwood Rewards home page select Redeem Rewards at the top.

    Welcome page for Redwood RewardsRedeem Rewards Menu
  3. Select from: Gift cards, Merchandise, Travel, Green products, Experiences, Live Concerts/Sports, Cash back or Theme parks.  
    Featured Merchandise

  4. Follow the steps to complete your redemption. You will receive a confirmation email.