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How do I change my Credit/Debit card PIN in the RCU mobile app?

Visa Debit/Credit card Mobile PIN change

To change your Visa Debit/Credit card PIN within the RCU mobile app please following the instructions below.

  1. Open RCU mobile app.
    • Click on the menu icon.
      Mobile Menu
  2. Tap on Manage Cards.
    Manage Cards menu
  3. Scroll down until you locate Set Card PIN.
    Card Alerts & Controls
  4. Select how you would like to receive your one-time passcode.
  5. Select the phone number that you would to receive the code on (text/call will be sent in about 10 seconds).
    Select phone number
  6. Input the code and click Submit.
    Add 6-digit passcode
  7. Locate card which you would like to set the PIN for, then click Select Card.
    Select Card
    Enter PIN on keypad
  8. Enter new PIN on keypad (we will prompt you to input new PIN twice for verification).
    Enter PIN on keypad
  9. Once PIN has been validated click Submit PIN Change.
    Submit PIN Change
  10. A confirmation pop up will appear, and a confirmation email will be sent to the primary email address for this account.
    Your PIN was set successfully!
    Please note that the PIN for your card is set