• Free, convenient and secure method for viewing your checks
  • Access an electronic version of your check as soon as it clears
  • Save time reconciling your account
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You can view images of checks that have posted to your account instead of spending time requesting a paper copy of your checks. 

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  • Confirm who you wrote the check to, how much it’s for and when it was cashed
  • Print or save check images whenever you want
  • Simplify your filing system—and help the environment—by reducing paper storage

Check Images


By Mail



Per check copy

Per check copy


24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Branch Hours

Subject to delivery


Quickly view check details including payee and amount


Subject to delivery

 Other Benefits  
  • View, access, and  print images at your convenience
  • Safe and secure storage - online
  • No waiting for statements

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