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Kincade Fire Relief

Because we are people helping people, Redwood Credit Union and the RCU Community Fund are fully committed to community - in good times and bad.

When disaster strikes, we respond to serve the pressing needs of our Members, employees, and communities.

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Here are the total RCU Community Fund grants and sponsorships disbursed in relation to our Kincade Fire relief actions through Friday, December 20th, 2019:

  • Housing Security: $4,019
    • Temporary support for those who lost their home or are at-risk of becoming homeless because they experienced a loss of employment/income due to the recent fires
  • Food Security & Other Basic Needs: $60,000
    • Urgent food need support for people directly impacted by power outages, evacuations, and/or loss of employment/income due to the recent fires
  • Community Wellness including Small Businesses: $54,535
    • Community-building efforts that promote resilience, connection, and healing for those that need it, including small businesses
  • Mental Health & Wellness: $10,000
    • Trauma recovery programs and services for those impacted by the most recent fires
  • Lost Homes Support: $11,000
    • Direct assistance for community members, first responders, and schoolchildren who lost homes
  • Total: $139,554

As a result of the above actions, we have helped serve and/or reach 27,145 people severely impacted by the Kincade Fire and its related evacuations and power outages.

This has been made possible by the following funding streams:

15%: $20,244

85%: $119,310

Funding Streams Donut chart showing Funding Streams for the Kincade Fire Relief. $123,304/88% from RCU Community Fund and $16,250/12% from Business & industry partner donations. RCU Community Fund Dark Green chart segment spanning 88% of the whole. Business & Industry partner donations Light Green chart segment spanning 12% of the whole. 15%: $20,244 85%: $119,310

Business & Industry partner donations

RCU Community Fund

Thank you, business and industry partners!