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Free Business Seminar

Presented by Redwood Credit Union with guest speaker Steve Hirschfeld of Hirschfeld Kraemer LLP

Navigating the Complexities of Labor and Employment Laws: What Every California Business Owner Needs to Know

California’s labor and employment laws are notoriously complex, causing frustration for many businesses striving to comply. This seminar offers practical advice on managing your workforce and reducing the risk of litigation and liability.

Dates & locations

July 17, 8:30-10am | RCU Administrative Offices
3033 Cleveland Ave. Santa Rosa, CA 95403

July 19, 8:30-10am | RCU Administrative Offices
480 Devlin Rd. Napa, CA 94558

Topics covered

  • Understanding employee rights to pay (overtime, meals, and rest periods)
  • Legally parting ways with an employee
  • Implementing reorganizations effectively
  • Applying the correct laws to out-of-state remote workers
  • Protecting trade secrets from departing employees
  • Preventing class action wage claims

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