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Redwood Credit Union (RCU) offers checking accounts as a convenient and safe way to conduct your daily transactions. We’re confident you’ll find an RCU checking account that’s right for you.

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Features & Benefits

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ATM Access

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  • Free access to 30,000 CO-OP Network ATMs
  • 50+ RCU ATMs throughout the North Bay and San Francisco
  • Plus, we'll reimburse non-RCU ATM fees up to 4x per month! Learn more >

Debit Rewards available for personal accounts only. Business Accounts are not eligible for Debit Rewards. Signature-based transactions only. First two non-RCU ATM fees reimbursed with active checking; first four non-RCU ATM fees reimbursed with checking and active RCU loan or credit card. Active=at least one transaction or payment in prior month. Casino/gambling and ATMs outside U.S. excluded.

RCU's Overdraft Protection Program

An overdraft occurs when funds are withdrawn from an account and the account balance does not have available funds. We will use the available balance and not your actual balance to determine if you have sufficient funds to cover your transactions.

RCU offers a variety of overdraft protection programs to offer you convenience and peace of mind.

Overdraft Account Transfer

  • Available FREE to RCU Members
  • Transfer funds from your other RCU accounts to cover overdrafts
  • Transfers occur in $100 increments
  • Cover insufficient funds occurring from debit transactions, checks, automatic bill payments
  • Limit 6 transfers per month by Federal Regulation D. Learn more

Overdraft Line of Credit:

  • Funds from line of credit transfer to checking account automatically
  • Coverage is provided in $100 increments
  • Daily interest charged on outstanding balances
  • No interest or fees are assessed if no balance
  • Available upon credit approval. Apply now

Overdraft Pay Advantage

Sometimes an unexpected life event or an occasional mistake can leave you short of funds so when you write a check or use your debit card, the money isn’t available in your RCU checking account. With RCU’s Overdraft Pay Advantage (OPA) program, you may be covered if you accidentally overdraw your account.

We provide this service to help on occasions when:

  • You made an honest mistake balancing your account and now you’re short of funds.
  • A deposit you expected was delayed.
  • Unforeseen expenses drained your account balance.

Additional benefits OPA provides:

  • Prevents the embarrassment of a declined debit card transaction or a “bounced” check.
  • Allows you to avoid the additional expense of a merchant’s returned-item charge.
  • Gives you greater flexibility managing your money.
  • Added convenience. 

RCU’s Overdraft Pay Advantage service acts as a safety net on those occasions when you have insufficient funds to pay for a transaction and do not have any other protection services. Instead of an item or transaction being returned or being declined, RCU may pay the item or transaction on your behalf. Because an overdraft occurred, you will incur a non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee. View Cost Recovery Schedule for information.

This fee is the same amount as if we returned your check unpaid. (Debit card transactions that are declined are not assessed a fee.) This service can be used to pay your checks, automatic bill payments (such as Automated Clearing House or recurring debit card transactions), and your everyday debit card transactions. After a transaction is paid, you’ll be asked to make a deposit to cover the negative balance in your account immediately, and no later than within 20 days.

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Open an RCU checking account today and grow your savings! Our checking accounts offer:

  • Free & dividend earning options
  • Free debit card & ATM access
  • Overdraft protection & free eServices

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