Credit and Debit Card Security Information

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Redwood Credit Union is committed to safeguarding our Members’ information and we utilize a variety of security monitoring systems to help prevent fraud.

Credit & Debit Card Security Information

Compromises to your card security can occur when you shop online or make purchases at a variety of point-of-sale locations including retailers and restaurants.
  • RCU is committed to protecting your personal information and responds immediately to reported suspicious card activity.
  • Review your account statements and transactions regularly and report any suspicious activity immediately by calling RCU at 1 (800) 479-7928.

Reporting Lost or Stolen Cards

To report lost or stolen RCU ATM or VISA® debit cards:
1 (888) 782-2228 (within U.S.) or 1 (707) 545-4000 (outside U.S.)

To report lost or stolen RCU Visa® credit cards:
1 (866) 820-4886 (within U.S.) or 1 (410) 581-9994 (outside U.S.)

Please note: If you call after RCU is closed, you will be directed to an automated phone system. Please note RCU representatives cannot cancel your VISA® or ATM card automatically--you must request and confirm cancellation

Reporting Suspected Fraud Activity

If you suspect fraudulent activity on your RCU card or account, please contact RCU immediately:
1 (800) 479-7928

After Hours Fraud Reporting & Authorization Issues:
1 (888) 241-2440 (within U.S.) or 1 (909) 941-1034 (outside U.S.--collect calls are accepted)