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A new Visa® debit card for your health savings account
A new design, greater security, and easy access to your HSA account.
Image of HSA debit card


  • A fresh card design
  • New card number
  • A new expiration date and CVV code


  • Activate your new card immediately
  • Destroy your old card
RCU’s HSA accounts provide flexibility and control over health care costs:  
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) allow your employer to make pre-tax contributions on your behalf
  • Other contributions you make on an HSA are tax deductible, allowing you to save on medical expenses
  • Distributions may be tax-free when used for qualifying expenses
  • HSA limits can vary year to year
    2020 HSA Contribution Limits: 
    • Single Coverage: $3,550
    • Family Coverage: $7,100 
    • Catch-Up Contributions: $1,000
  • You must be eligible to participate in an HSA
  • Access your account through checks or your RCU HSA debit card
  • Funds carry over year after year, no "use it or lose it" provision
  • You must maintain an RCU membership to be eligible

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