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Loan PaymentsRedwood Credit Union lets you do your banking at home, from work or while traveling with our easy-to-use account transfer service. Transfer money securely and quickly between your own accounts or to your friends and family even if they have accounts at other banks.

Online & Mobile Loan Payments

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Auto, Motorcycle,
RV & Personal
Visa Mortgage
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Pay from an RCU account
Pay via a scheduled payment (one-time or recurring)
Pay from another financial institution
Pay by mobile check payment      
Pay by debit card    

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Mobile Transfers

With RCU Mobile Banking, you can instantly transfer money to and from your RCU accounts - quickly and easily.

You can also transfer money to another RCU Member. Simply enter the person’s full account number and first three letters of their last name to instantly deposit funds into their savings or checking account. 



RCUpay is a person-to-person (P2P) payment system that allows you to quickly and easily send money directly to others. Send birthday money to a family member, pay the dog-walker, or reimburse a friend for lunch—it’s up to you!

The recipient will receive a notification about how to receive their money. Recipients who bank with RCU can claim their money right away, while those who bank with other financial institutions can expect to receive it within two to three business days.

Please note: RCUpay is not a bill pay or payroll service.


Frequently Asked Questions

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