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For my business, why have a 401(k) plan or any other type of retirement plan?

Why Might an Employer Want to Offer a Retirement Plan?


Offering a retirement plan as part of an employee benefit program helps three parties – the business, the owner, and the employees.

The right type of retirement plan can become an integral part of the management of your business. In an environment where getting and keeping good employees is becoming more difficult, a good retirement plan, and effective communication about the plan, can be a powerful tool in helping to attract, retain, and motivate new and existing employees.

The right plan, properly structured, may also help the owner of the business build a substantial retirement nest-egg.

In the current economic atmosphere, employees are keenly aware of the need to take control of their future financial security. Providing assistance with a company sponsored retirement plan may help them reach their retirement goals.

Getting the most out of the business you've worked so hard to build is part of your dream.  A financially secure retirement is a part of almost everyone's dream.  Offering a retirement plan as a part of an employee benefit program may get you, and your employees, on the path toward both goals.