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What’s the difference?

ACH services

Best for

Businesses that need to pay vendors, manage payroll and collect payments

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Securely send credits or debits for low fees

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Access and repeat transactions quickly

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Set up automatic deposits and payments

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Wires services

Best for

Businesses looking for a quick, convenient option to send frequent domestic wires

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Securely send domestic wires for $20 per online transfer

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Easily enter recipient information into a template for quick transfers

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Schedule wires up to 3 business days in advance

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Sweep Service

What is a Sweep?

A sweep automatically transfers (or “sweeps”) money from one deposit account into a separate deposit account, with the aim of earning a higher dividend rate. This is usually done to prevent excess cash from sitting in a lower-rate checking account when it could be earning dividends.

When you set up a business account with a sweep option, these fund transfers happen automatically at the close of each business day.

Why would a business want a sweep?

Higher Dividend Earnings - Sweeps are a great option for businesses who want to maximize the return on their excess cash instead of letting it sit idle, while also ensuring there’s enough cash on hand to pay for their operating expenses.

Set It and Forget It - Setting up a sweep automates the process of moving money back and forth between the higher-yielding savings or money market and the business checking accounts.

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  • Certain restrictions may apply. Service is not guaranteed. Business must apply for and be granted access to business wires and ACH services. Additional fees may apply.