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Loan Payments

Simplify making your monthly loan payments

Skip trips to the branch and make secure payments from your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer.

Make my payment now

Making loan payments has never been easier or more convenient. Enjoy more flexibility and control with a wide variety of fast and simple ways to make your payments on time.

Pay with online and mobile banking

Log in to make recurring or one-time payments by transfer, mobile check, debit card, your accounts elsewhere, and more!

Log In to Make a Payment

Make a payment on our website

If you’re not an online banking user or prefer not to log in, you can make a secure one-time payment via debit card, your accounts at other institutions, and more. Available 24/7, there is no fee for this service.

Make a Web Payment

Make a payment on your phone

Make payments over the phone to your RCU loans and credit cards 24/7 using a debit card or eCheck. There is no fee for this service.

1 (833) 950-0879

Looking to pay my...

Learn how to make payments in online banking

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One-time payment

Save time and energy by making one-time loan payments with the click of a button, right from your home, office, or mobile device.

Learn about one-time payments
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Recurring loan payment

Never miss a payment due date again. Set up recurring loan payments, and your monthly payments will be automatically deducted from your account—no reminders necessary.

Learn about recurring payments
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Pay by debit card

Don't want to make payments through your bank account? That's okay. You can make online loan payments using any debit card from RCU or another financial institution.

Learn about paying by debit card
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Mobile check payment

With RCU's mobile check payment option, you can make loan payments by taking a picture of a paper check with your mobile device and uploading it to your account.

Learn about mobile check payment

Transfer from an RCU account

Transfer funds from an RCU account to make your loan payment.

Learn about transfers

Other ways to pay

Pay by phone

Call 1 (833) 950-0879 to pay your RCU loans and credit cards 24/7 using a debit card or eCheck. There is no fee for this service.

Mailing a Payment

Payments on personal and vehicle loans can be mailed to:

Redwood Credit Union
PO Box 35157
Seattle, WA 98124-5157

Loan Payment Safety & Security

Rest assured, using technology to make payments is safe and secure, and backed by RCU’s Zero Liability Guarantee.

Have a question?

At RCU, we're known for our reliable service, and we'll answer your questions and calls quickly.

Ready to simplify your loan payments?