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System requirements to use RCU’s mobile banking app

Apple requirements

  • iOS 15 - supported
  • iOS 16 - supported

iOS download restrictions

Digital banking currently will only allow app downloads for devices with iOS 15 or above. Users on iOS 14 or below can keep the app they have, but downloading an update or new app will require 15 or above.

Apple announced that it would stop supporting users on iOS 14 in January of 2023. They will no longer offer security patches for 14 and are forcing users to update to 15.

Android requirements

  • Android 9 - allowed
    • Requires the latest browser update to function
  • Android 10 - allowed
    • Requires the latest browser update to function
  • Android 11 - supported
  • Android 12 - supported
  • Android 12L - supported
  • Android 13 - supported

Android download restrictions

Digital banking will only allow downloads and updates to devices using Android 9 and above, there may be issues with usage on the site that we have not yet identified. Digital banking does not support Android 8 or older. Android generally only supports the last 3 releases, with the oldest getting security upgrades only. As of June 2023, the most recent Android OS versions Android officially supports are Android 11, 12, and 12L with Android 13 being the current version.

Allowed vs Supported OS versions

The SDK version we use for development is 33. This equates to OS 11 and means we may use components in OS 11 for development in the future that are not available on versions prior to 11. Furthermore, some development technologies we use only support the last 2 OS releases, therefore we may not be able to support older OS versions in the future. This is why some OS versions are allowed, but not supported. Regardless of the OS version, the browser - including the in-app browser of Chrome WebView - must be updated to the latest version in order to experience our site in the most optimized manner possible.

WebView requirements for all operating systems

Ensure you have the latest version of WebView and update it if needed.