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What can I do to avoid foreclosure?

Concerned About Your Mortgage?
Let us help.

If you’re experiencing financial distress and are potentially facing the prospect of foreclosure, let RCU help. We are committed to assisting Members and our communities in identifying options to help them stay in their homes.

How to take action: There are many resources available to help you prevent foreclosure if you take action now. These resources include:

Contact RCU Directly:  We encourage you to contact us directly at 1 (800) 479-7928, ext. 65294 (8:00 AM – 7:00 PM Monday through Friday or 9:00 AM–4:00 PM Saturday). A Financial Assistance representative will work with you to review your individual situation and potential options available to you. If you wish, your representative can also schedule a follow–up meeting, either by phone or in person. You can find additional important information on this website about options that may be available to you, including:

  • Consolidating debt
  • Restructuring loans
  • Forbearance Plan (payment plan)
  • Free Financial Counseling, including budgeting assistance

If your loan is serviced by RCU, but owned by Fannie Mae (FNMA), our Financial Assistance representative will direct you to a special escalation unit. If you already know your mortgage is owned by FNMA, you may contact the escalation unit directly at 1 (866) 397-5370.

Dept. Housing and Urban Development (HUD):  You may contact HUD’s toll free number, 1 (800) 569-4287, to be put in touch with a HUD-certified counselor.

HOPE NOW Alliance: HOPE NOW is an independent non–profit with a single mission of helping homeowners avoid foreclosure. To contact HOPE NOW, call
1(888) 995-HOPE (4673) to be put in touch with a HUD-approved counselor.

Be prepared:  Whether you contact RCU, other Lenders, or an HUD-certified counselor, there are a few items you should have at hand to be prepared to review your full situation. Examples include:

  • Copies or a list of all regular monthly bills
  • An estimate of other regular expenses
  • A list of items owned free and clear:  examples include vehicles of 10 years or newer

Take responsibility and take action now. We understand it can be difficult to face financial struggles, but the earlier you acknowledge and address your concerns, the easier it will be to manage and improve your situation. If you’re concerned about your finances, act now by contacting your lender — whether it’s RCU or another institution. Walking away from debt, allowing your home to be foreclosed on, or declaring bankruptcy will have long–term negative impacts on your financial future. Instead, take responsibility and take action today by contacting your lender or RCU to discover better options and real solutions.

And if you’re just now beginning to experience financial stress, don’t put it off — the earlier you act, the more options and solutions available to you!