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Money Market

Earn dividends without losing access to your money

Money market accounts typically earn higher dividends than regular savings accounts, and you'll always have access to the funds you need.


Start earning higher dividend rates to help you reach your financial goals even faster, without losing access to your money.

Balance MM Rates

As high as  % APY

MM Growth Rates

As high as  % APY


Earn dividends on your savings

Make your money work as hard as you do. Earn more dividends with a money market account compared to typical savings accounts and reach your goals even faster.

Dividends begin at $100

Many institutions require a high minimum balance to start earning dividends. With an RCU money market account, you start earning dividends with just $100.

Open an account with just $100

It doesn't take much to open a high-yield money market account. All you need is a $100 minimum deposit, and you can start saving right away.

Good to know

Must have an active checking account to open a money market account

High-yield money market accounts are only available to existing RCU Members who already have an active checking account.

Open a checking account

Minimum opening balances

Although you can open a money market growth account with just $5, other types of money market accounts have higher opening balance requirements. Balance money market accounts start at $2,500.

Minimum balance to earn dividends

In order to earn dividends, you must maintain minimum balance requirements depending on the type of money market account. Dividends begin at $100 for Growth accounts, $2,500 on Balance accounts.

Calculate your savings

Final Balance

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Initial Deposit
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How to open an account

Opening an account is easy and we're here to help if you need it.

  • 1

    Apply online

    It takes just minutes. If you aren’t already a Member, have your Social Security number and driver’s license or ID card handy.

  • 2

    Deposit money

    Move money into your new account so you can start using it.

  • 3

    Manage your money online

    Easily manage your money with online and mobile banking.

Open a Money Market Account

Your hard-earned money is safe

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    Rated one of 21 strongest credit unions in the US by Weiss Ratings in 2021

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    Rated 4th healthiest credit union in the US by Glatt Consulting HealthScore in 2020

Always friendly and helpful. In an attempt to better manage my money, this place has become a great resource. I've lowered my interest rates on just about everything."

— Eliot P.

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Put your money to work for you

Reach your financial goals even faster with outstanding money market rates.

  • *Rates are effective March 31, 2023 and are subject to change without notice. APY=Annual Percentage Yield. Fees may reduce earnings. Minimum balance to open account: $100.00 Minimum balance to avoid a fee: $0.00.