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Health Savings Account

Save now for future medical expenses

Be prepared for the future with our health savings account (HSA).


Saving money is easy with an HSA and gives you peace of mind knowing you're prepared for a medical emergency.


Pre-tax contributions from employer

Employers can contribute pre-tax funds to your HSA.

Tax deductible

You may be able to subtract HSA contributions from your taxes—consult a tax professional to learn more.

Tax-free spending on healthcare

Qualifying medical expenses are exempt from taxes, allowing you to afford more healthcare.

Funds carry over each year

Unlike flexible spending accounts, you won't lose your HSA funds if you don't use them.

And more...

Good to know

Only offered on high-deductible plans

You must have a high-deductible health plan to qualify for an HSA.

Keep your receipts

You should keep receipts to prove that your withdrawals were used for qualified health expenses.

Low monthly fee

Beginning 12 months after enrollment, keep $5.00 or more in your HSA to avoid a low monthly fee of $1.00.

Exclusions apply

An HSA cannot be used to pay for some types of healthcare costs (see IRS Publication 969).

Can't be used with Medicare

Once you enroll in Medicare, you can no longer contribute to an HSA.

How to open a Health Savings Account

Follow these quick and easy steps to open your HSA today.

  • 1

    Become a Member

    You must maintain an RCU membership to be eligible.

  • 2

    Check your health plan

    You must have a high-deductible health plan.

  • 3

    Apply for an HSA

    Once you're approved, you can start saving!

Top Questions

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Be prepared for future healthcare costs

Open an HSA and take control over your healthcare expenses.