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Regular savings account

Start saving for the future

Open a regular savings account and start earning dividends to reach your financial goals even faster.


Build a better financial future for you and your family with a regular savings account that lets your money work as hard as you do.


Earn dividends on your savings

Reach your financial goals even faster. Maintain a balance of $100 or more and earn dividends on your savings.

$5 minimum balance to open

Opening a savings account doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. You can open a regular savings account with just $5.

Online and mobile banking

Manage your savings anytime, anywhere with online and mobile banking.

Automatic deposits

Make saving even easier with automatic deposits that ensure you never forget to put some money aside.

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Good to know

Low minimum monthly balance

A $3 monthly minimum balance fee is charged to any regular savings account with less than $75.

Maintain a $100 balance to earn dividends

To earn dividends on your savings, you need to maintain a balance of at least $100.

Estimate your savings

Final Balance

Contributions:     |    Earnings: 
Initial Deposit
Term Years

How to open an account

Opening an account is easy and we're here to help if you need it.

  • 1

    Apply online

    It takes just minutes. If you aren’t already a Member, have your Social Security number and driver’s license or ID card handy.

  • 2

    Deposit money

    Move money into your new account so you can start using it.

  • 3

    Manage your money online

    Easily manage your money with online and mobile banking.

Open an Account

Your hard-earned money is safe

  • a-plus-stability-rating

    Rated one of 21 strongest credit unions in the US by Weiss Ratings in 2021

  • 4th-healthiest-cu

    Rated 4th healthiest credit union in the US by Glatt Consulting HealthScore in 2020

I have been a Member for over ten years and I have nothing but good experiences with their employees. They all are extremely helpful and nothing but friendly and I am truly grateful for everyone working there. Thank you all!"

— Delaina M.

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It's never too early to start saving for the future

Get a regular savings account and start earning dividends to help you achieve your financial goals.