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Your Security | Keeping Your Accounts Safe

At RCU, the security of your personal and account information is a top priority. We partner with you to ensure you have complete confidence that it’s safe and secure to access your accounts online and with your mobile device.

RCU’s Security Commitment to You

  • Zero liability protection** – You’re not held responsible for ANY unauthorized transactions on your account or charges made with your RCU credit, debit, or ATM card.
  • 24/7 fraud monitoring – We provide round-the-clock fraud monitoring on your RCU accounts so you can rest easy.
  • EMV chip technology – Every RCU credit, debit, and ATM card features this additional layer of security every time you use your card at a chip card reader.
  • Additional security – We harness a host of specialized security tools and systems to protect your personal and account information.

What You Can Do

You can perform all the following actions by logging in to your online banking account. Or ask us how—we’re happy to help!

  • Keep your information current – If fraud or suspicious activity is detected on your account, having your current phone, email, and mailing address allows us to contact you immediately and keep you informed.
  • Sign up for account alerts – This is a simple and easy way for you to be alerted by text or email when activity is being performed on your account.
  • Monitoring your accounts – Review activity regularly in online banking or on your statements, and let us know immediately if you detect suspicious transactions or activity on your account.

For more information about RCU’s commitment to your security and privacy, please visit RCU’s Security Center at