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What is a Shred-A-Thon?

RCU's annual Shred-a-Thon is open to the community and allows people to bring up to 3 boxes of their confidential documents to be shredded for free.

Shredding your old confidential documents helps protect your information from falling into the wrong hands. Sensitive documents can include pay stubs, canceled checks, financial and credit card statements, paid bills, old tax filings, and other documents that may include confidential information such as account numbers or Social Security numbers.

We offer annual Shred-a-Thons in Sonoma, Marin, Napa and Mendocino counties, usually in the summer. For the most current event information, visit Our Santa Rosa event, held at our Administrative Offices, also features a free optional seminar on protecting yourself from identity theft and fraud.

For additional information on ways RCU partners with you for security, visit our online Security & Privacy center under related items.