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A Message to Our Community

June 4, 2020

Black Lives Matter class=

Redwood Credit Union unequivocally stands for dignity and respect, combating inequity with passionate service, trust, and an unwavering commitment to inclusion and empowerment. People are our priority.

And in this moment, we have a message for our Members, colleagues, family, friends, neighbors, and community members: you matter. We support you and are proud to serve each and every one of you. We feel for the sadness and anxiety you’re enduring. As we too struggle to make sense of the recent tragedies, we are listening. We care and are here for you.

In this spirit of continued solidarity, our staff teams have been engaging in conversation and listening to each other. RCU has zero tolerance for all forms of discrimination. Employees are valued, respected, and justly treated, enabling them to passionately focus on service, diversity, and equity. As a credit union, we were born from the philosophy of “people helping people.”

You Matter

We are committed to supporting local nonprofits that are actively working to sustainably build inclusive communities and foster positive societal change. Additionally, we are providing stress management and wellness resources through free, educational webinars and webcasts for our Members and communities.

Going forward, let’s remember that each one of us can make a difference, reflected in everyday simple acts of kindness, generosity, and humanity. We have the power to positively impact the lives around us. Thank you for caring for yourself and others.

Be well and safe,


Brett Martinez
President & CEO