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Election of Volunteer Officials

June 17, 2021

At RCU’s recent annual membership meeting, two volunteer officials were re-elected to the Board of Directors: Robert Eyler and Jim Olmsted. The Board later chose its new officers, named an emeritus member, and appointed the Audit & Enterprise Risk Committee.

Board of Directors

These are the volunteer officials serving you on the Board of Directors:

  • Rod Dole, Chair
  • Judy Herrerias-James, Vice Chair
  • Robert Eyler, Secretary
  • Jim Olmsted, Treasurer
  • M. Christina Rivera
  • Lisa Wittke Schaffner
  • Debra Watts
  • Jeri Hansen
  • David Gouin
  • Greg McGuirk, Emeritus

Emeritus Board Member

Greg McGuirk, who served on RCU’s volunteer Board of Directors since 1987, has stepped down as Board Member. He will now be serving in an emeritus capacity, providing guidance and support as we continue to grow. We’re grateful for his service and dedication to our cooperative.

Audit & Enterprise Risk Committee

The Board has appointed the following members to serve on its Audit & Enterprise Risk Committee:

  • Judy Herrerias-James, Chair
  • M. Christina Rivera, Secretary
  • Jeri Hansen
  • David Imoto
  • Lisa Wittke Schaffner

View RCU’s 2020 annual report at and watch a video replay of the annual meeting here.