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Enjoy Your Staycation and Your Car

June 4, 2021

Car driving along a rural road

As you start thinking about your summer adventure and perusing airline tickets, hotels, and rental cars, you may wonder if your budget can accommodate all that fun. Have you considered a staycation, using your car for day trip adventures? Here are just a few of the many benefits:

  • You can start your vacation right away. As soon as you get in your car and hit the road, the good times have begun. No need to shuttle to the airport, rent a car, drive some more, and then start having fun!
  • Staycations give you more time. No wasted time sitting in the airport or waiting at the car rental place. You don’t have to clean your rental before you leave, check out of your hotel, or wait for a flight time.
  • Staycations are easier to plan. Play tourist at spots nearby that you’ve been wanting to visit. No grandiose plan required. With minimal research, you can hop in the car and go.
  • Staycations support local businesses. Your car can take you to picnics in the park (with some good local food and drink), an afternoon movie, or to a local farm to pick fruit.
  • No need to hire pet care. Since you’re coming home at the end of the day, you don’t have the hassle of setting up animal care, or the stress of leaving your fuzzy friend behind.

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