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RCU Auto Services Has a New Website

September 1, 2020

Image of a women browsing RCU's new website in laptop.

We’re excited to announce that RCU Auto Services (RCUAS) has a new website! The URL is the same——but the  experience is completely different. Through this site, you can purchase a car from the comfort of home, finance your vehicle, and, if you like, insure your vehicle—all in one convenient place.

Easy Search

Our revamped inventory page shows you available new and used vehicles, and you can search by price, make, mileage, and many other things. If you don’t see what you want, visit our Find Your Next Car page, and we’ll do all the research, locating, and negotiating for you.

Sell or Trade In

If you want to sell your car, it’s a fair and easy process. You can sell it outright without having to make a purchase from RCUAS or you can trade in one or more vehicles when you purchase a new or used car.

Loans Made Simple

Through Redwood Credit Union, you have access to loans with low rates, flexible terms, and quick loan decisions. But you don’t have to finance with RCU to take advantage of no-haggle low pricing.

Peace of Mind

To ensure you’re cared for throughout the purchase process, RCUAS makes a Peace of Mind Promise. That promise guarantees a 90-day, 4,000 mile warranty, 156-point inspection, 8-day exchange, and more on all pre-owned vehicles.1

Home Delivery

Purchase your car online (or ask us to locate it for you) and RCUAS will deliver to your home or office! Safe, easy, and no travel time needed. See the Vehicle Delivery, Pick up, and Exchange section on the FAQ page.


RCU Auto Services is one of the only credit union-owned dealerships in the country, and our focus is making your car-buying experience painless! Take a moment today to familiarize yourself with the new, easy-to-navigate website and the next time you need to sell or buy a car, think of us!



Warranty and exchange program subject to change. Certain restrictions may apply.

RCU Auto Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of Redwood Credit Union.