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Selecting the Ideal Business Credit Card

April 16, 2024

Man with credit card

As a small business owner, choosing the right credit card for your business is essential. There are countless options available, each with their own set of rewards, fees, and features. With a card that aligns with your business spending, you can earn rewards, build your business credit score, potentially save money, and even reinvest in your local community.

Here is a checklist to help you choose the right credit card for your business:


  • Are there annual fees?
  • Is there a promo rate that will drastically hike?
  • Are there foreign transaction fees?
  • Are there balance transfer fees?
  • Are there hidden fees such as late payment penalty interest rates?

Interest Rates:

  • If you plan on carrying a balance, who offers the lowest rate?

Credit Limits:

  • Is the credit limit high enough for your business needs?
  • Is the limit so high that you will incur too much debt or overspend?
  • Is the rate so low you’ll need to ask for more when needed?


  • Do they offer cash back?
  • Is it simple to obtain your rewards?
  • Do they expire?
  • Do the rewards offerings align with your spending?

Digital Banking:

  • Are you able to adjust cardholder credit limits in digital banking?
  • Can you make automatic payments in digital banking?
  • Can you set up alerts and notices in digital banking?

Choosing a business credit card has everything to do with the financial institution that provides it and working with your local credit union offers a unique chance to reinvest in your local community. Unlike traditional banks, credit unions operate as not-for-profit organizations, owned by their members. Their primary mission is to serve and support the community they belong to, which includes offering business credit cards with competitive rates, low or no fees, robust digital banking, and useful rewards.

A business credit card can be a powerful tool for small business owners, offering financial flexibility and convenience. When doing your research, consider a business credit card from Redwood Credit Union. You’ll be benefiting your business while making a meaningful investment in the financial well-being of your community.

Redwood Credit Union’s Business Visa® Platinum Select credit cards offer no annual, foreign transaction, or balance transfer fees. Plus, you can access rewards and set credit limits for your cardholders via digital banking. Learn more here.