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Summer Recreational Vehicles

March 20, 2021

group of friends sitting outside of RV

Use the handy checklist below to help you choose the recreational vehicle that’s best for you and your family.

  • Decide what fits your plans. What type of camping, traveling, or boating will you do? If you’re imagining big family outings, comfort and reliability are a must. Will you be towing? Make sure you have the right vehicle and equipment. How big will you go? The bigger the vehicle, the bigger the costs, including maintenance, gas, insurance and storage. Think, too, about features such as Wi-Fi, kitchen space, and safety.
  • Know what you can afford. This seems like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many people go shopping without a limit. Crunch the numbers with a loan calculator (like this one from RCU) to see how much payment your budget can absorb.
  • Shop around and compare. Online shopping is a good way to compare a wide variety of used recreational vehicles. You can use our AutoSMART website to find the vehicle you love and get connected
    with a dealership. Local dealers offer professional service, and you can be confident their pricing is based on market value (compared to private sellers, who may set their price based on emotional investment). Ask for a test drive, and don’t be afraid to walk away if it’s not right.
  • Consider your pets. If you plan to travel with your pet(s), reflect upon their needs. For instance, is there a well-placed window for watching the world go by? Maybe a built-in water and food station?
  • Protect your purchase.

Get an insurance quote before you go shopping, and factor it in when determining your recreational vehicle budget. (Check out RCU Insurance Services.) Consider protection products like roadside assistance for extra peace of mind.

When you’re ready to buy, talk to RCU first. Whether it’s a boat, tent trailer or motorhome, we provide low-rate, quick-decision loans. Plus, you can use your RCU loan to buy from a private party or dealership, giving you greater flexibility to make those big adventures happen. Watch for a rate discount on recreational vehicles beginning the middle of April. For more information about that and RCU’s RV loans, please visit