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Take the First Step Toward Home Ownership

March 28, 2022


Buying your first home is an exciting prospect. It is also a major financial commitment from start to finish, which means planning is an absolute must. Whether you’re in the learning process or preparing to make a purchase, you’ll find good tips and resources to get your foot in the door of your own home on the first-time homebuyer page. These are just a few of the items featured on that page.

First-time homebuyer loans and rates

Take advantage of our programs created with first-time buyers in mind. And if you need help choosing, we’re here to help.

We’ve also launched a Mortgage Learning Center where you’ll find everything you need to apply for a loan.

Application checklists

Make sure you have all the right documents and information before you begin the application process.

Information about our preapproval process

Learn the benefits of getting approved early to show the seller you’re serious and get more negotiating power.

Mortgage calculator

Estimate costs and determine how much you can afford.

Want to learn more about buying your first home or getting prequalified? Visit the first-time homebuyer page or schedule an appointment to discuss mortgage loans with our experts.