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The Credit Union Advantage

June 7, 2024

CEO Brett Martinez

As a Redwood Credit Union Member, you can be confident that your credit union continues to maintain financial strength and stability due to our strong business model. RCU is a not-for-profit financial cooperative owned by you, our Members, and operating solely to serve the best interests of our Members and communities.

Unlike other financial institutions that have experienced large decreases in their earnings, we’re not subject to pressures from investors or stockholders to grow large profits or to concentrate on any one industry or segment. Instead, we’re able to make long-term decisions based on supporting the well-being of our Members instead of decisions being driven by short-term market fluctuations.

We focus on helping people save money, and returning our earnings to our Members by offering greater value on savings, loans, and other financial services. This has a positive impact on the lives of our Members and communities and allows us to continue to grow in a sustainable way, and help even more people.

In today’s challenging economy, it’s more important than ever to do business with people and companies you trust. With our mission of serving the best interests of our Members and communities, RCU offers a better deal every day of the week—and we really shine in tough times, because we are committed to working with our Members to help find personalized solutions that meet their unique individual needs.

For all these reasons, we’re here to listen and to help you anytime—whether you’re concerned about your finances, navigating life changes, or looking to save for the future. Our goal is to help you find solutions that will give you peace of mind. Let us know how we can help!

Best regards,

Brett Martinez

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President & CEO