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The Power of Optimism

June 23, 2021

Brett Martinez, CEO

As we emerge from the challenges of the past year, as a community and as individuals, we all have the opportunity to decide how we want to move forward. While the pandemic disrupted many of our everyday routines, it also provided a new lens with which to view our surroundings, habits, and behaviors, and the opportunity to make changes. For example, we heard from many Members who tried our online and mobile services—in some cases for the first time—and were surprised and delighted at how much time they saved by not having to come to a branch.

Now is a great time to reflect on all the things you started (or stopped) doing out of necessity over the past 14 months, and consider the positive outcomes of the changes you made. Did you spend more time with family? Learn a new skill? Maybe save a little more money? Focusing on the positive fuels optimism, which can be a catalyst for healing. Optimism is the belief that the future can be better, and we all have the capacity to be optimistic.

Licensed psychotherapist Mary O’Neil, who partnered with us for our webinar on Self-Care and Stress Management, recently presented to our team and offered these 5 tips for cultivating optimism:

  • Acknowledge positive lessons learned.
  • Brainstorm positive emotions.
  • Challenge and change your thinking.
  • Envision a bright future.
  • Find joy every day.

How we look at things, how we think, how we feel, are all important factors in shaping the life we want to create. We can determine the future we want by the choices we make today. At RCU, we encourage our team to focus on the future and how we can make it better for our Members, our communities, and each other. And we believe the future looks bright.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership. We’re honored to serve you.

Best regards,

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Brett Martinez
President & CEO