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We’ve Updated Our ATMs!

December 5, 2022

The convenience of contactless card access is now available to you at RCU’s 58 ATMs. Simply tap your RCU Visa® debit and credit cards on the contactless symbol next to the card insert, and enter your PIN to get cash, make deposits, view your account balance, and more.

Additional benefits of using the contactless feature include:

Reduced contact with public surfaces. The pandemic brought our attention to reducing the number of surfaces we touch while out. The contactless feature lessens touch points.

Speedy and safe. The contactless feature provides a quick and equally secure way to access your accounts.

Less wear and tear. Magnetic strips can wear out from repeated contact with payment terminals. Contactless chips won’t suffer from this problem.

RCU makes it as convenient as possible for you to get cash when and where you need it. Use our online ATM locator or click the location symbol on our mobile app to find a free ATM.

Can’t find a free ATM near you? That’s why we offer nationwide ATM access. If you need cash and aren’t near a no-fee Co-op ATM, we’ll reimburse* other ATM fees up to $10 per transaction.

*First two non-RCU ATM fees reimbursed with active checking; first four non-RCU ATM fees reimbursed with active checking and active RCU loan or credit card. Active = at least one transaction or payment in prior month. (Up to $10 per transaction. Casino/gambling and ATMs outside U.S. excluded from reimbursement.)