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Green Tips

Go green and save green: these tips can help you save money while helping to save the planet!

Sustainability relies on coming together

We invite you to consider the following earth-friendly and sustainable green practices.

The Three Rs

Reduce, reuse and recycle! These are the 3 “R’s” of going green that you can make a priority in your life, and they are listed in the order of importance. Recycling is important for keeping our planet healthy but reducing waste and reusing what we can does even more to help out our beautiful earth.

Change your light bulbs

LED (light-emitting diode) lighting provides many environmental advantages, including being energy efficient, producing zero toxic elements, requiring fewer light fixtures, and having a longer life span. All this adds up to not only less environmental impact, but also cost savings for you. Now that’s a bright idea!

Unplug appliances and electronics

Home electronics that enter an “energy-saving” sleep or standby mode continue to draw power. You can physically unplug each of these devices when they’re not in use or plug them into a smart power strip for a quick and easy way to unplug multiple devices at once.

Conduct an energy audit

To save money and energy on your utility bill, evaluate your home. Look for drafts under doors and windows. Add more sunlight by identifying spots where it can shine through windows, or replace old windows with new ones that are efficient for saving energy (and even enjoy lower bills!). Improve insulation as well to help you stay warmer during cooler months while also using less power!

Clean with green

Retailers are starting to recognize the benefits of environmentally-conscious products, which means it’s easier and cheaper than ever before to replace toxic cleaners in your house with non-toxic alternatives.

Shop locally

Your purchases can have a big impact on your community and the environment. Supporting local businesses and shopping for locally-produced products, like food or clothes, not only help the economy but also reduces carbon emissions by bypassing long transportation distances.

There's an app for that

By using available apps on your phone, you can find a number of excellent resources to help you become more green-minded! You’ll be able to find recycling centers near your location and other helpful tips that show how easy it is for anyone to make an impact on the environment.

Pack your lunch wisely

Bring your lunch to work or school in a reusable container and pack cloth napkins and flatware that can be washed and reused. If you go out for lunch, find someone else who wants to go so you can carpool and reduce vehicle emissions. If ordering takeout, order with others so everyone can get their meals in one delivery.

Make your own cleaning products

The days of buying expensive, toxic cleaning products from the store are over. Now you can make your own at home with all-natural ingredients like vinegar and baking soda! For a list of easy DIY recipes for household cleaners that will save you money and reduce toxins in your house, follow the link below about household cleaners from the Green Guide.

The Green Guide Cleaner Recipes