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What is an eStatement?

Save time and trees with eStatements. It's easy to get started, highly secure, and simple to use. Best of all, it's free! An eStatement is an electronic version of your RCU account statement, allowing you to go paperless and reduce clutter. Electronic statements are also more secure than the paper statements delivered to your mailbox.

You can sign up for eStatements by logging in to your RCU digital banking account, or ask any RCU representative to set you up to receive eStatements. Once you're signed up for eStatements, you will no longer receive paper statements; instead, you'll receive an email when your eStatement is available to be viewed in digital banking. Your previous month's eStatement is available online within the first few days of the month - usually earlier than you would receive it in the mail

You can access your RCU eStatements anytime, anywhere by logging into your RCU digital banking account. Your eStatement looks exactly like your paper statement, and you can save it or print it as needed anytime. EStatments are accessible online for up to 36 months.

You can also enroll in eStatements for your RCU Visa credit card.

If you are not currently signed up for digital banking, please register your account by visiting the enrollment page. For more information about digital banking and eStatements please view the articles listed below.