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Where can I find my end of the year tax statements in online banking?

You can access your tax statements for your savings or certificate, HELOC or Pershing investment accounts in one location by clicking on the Statements tab and selecting Tax Documents:

Image of Statements Tab with Tax Documents selected.

Links to the tax documents for any account which earned at least $10.00 in dividends or any mortgage account on which you paid at least $600 in interest will be shown at the top of page. IRS form 5498 for your Pershing investment account (if applicable) will be shown here as well.

Image of Tax Documents page.

Clicking on the tax document link will bring you to detailed information on the account. For example, “Access your Form 1099 for your RCU share account” links to E-Statements. Your 1099 will be located on the Tax Statements tab.

Screenshot of Online Banking showcasing the Tax Statements tab

To Access your First or Second Mortgage Tax documents, they can be found under the More Details link under your specific mortgage detail. 

Screenshot of first mortgage access in online banking

From the loan information dropdown, please select Year End Information. 

Screenshot of mortgage details page in online banking

Under Year End Information the tax statements for your Mortgage(s) will be listed here. 

Screenshot of mortgage statements location in online banking

For more information about Tax Statements please view the following article: