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How can I tell whether a website is legitimately owned by RCU?

Fraudsters sometimes create fake or “spoof” websites to trick people into providing their personal financial information. Here are some signs that a website is probably fraudulent: 

  • The website requests your personal information, such as driver's license number and date of birth, but does not have SSL security. Look for a padlock icon and the letters “https” in the address bar at the top of the screen to check if the site is secure.
  • The URL in the address bar looks strange, and/or the phone number listed on the site is not ours (our phone number can be easily found here).
  • The site does not have any RCU logos or has poor image quality.
  • The site contains misspellings, bad grammar or phrases that don’t make sense.

We recommend you bookmark our site or add it to your Favorites so you can be assured you are on RCU’s website.

If you ever find yourself on a site that claims to be RCU but doesn’t look right, trust your instincts, do not enter your personal information, and please notify us right away.

For additional tips on how to spot other phishing and email scams, please visit the related links below.