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What transactions can I perform at RCU ATMs?

In addition to basic withdrawal and deposit options, RCU's ATMs offer many great features to allow you to access more of your accounts and perform more transactions. Save time with these options:

  • Access all your RCU checking and savings accounts.
  • Make loan payments by cash, check or transfer (available for most loans)
  • Pre-select your language preference (English or Spanish)
  • Select your preferred receipt printing option
  • Customize your "My Fast Cash" amount

Once you have selected your language, receipt and "My Fast Cash" options, your preferences will be saved making your RCU ATM transactions faster and more efficient!

Learn how to set your ATM preferences here.

Please note: these options and preferences will only apply on RCU-owned ATMs and will not occur on fee-free CO-OP network ATMs or out-of-network ATMs. Loan payments not available for Visa credit cards and some HELOCs.