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I received a wire from someone I don’t know. They need me to send the funds somewhere. What is the risk?

If you received a wire from someone you do not know, there is a good chance you may be involved in a scam. Often, fraudsters will use individuals to forward proceeds from a fraud scam to muddy the trail for investigators. The fraudster will have a victim send his money to another individual. That individual (also called a “mule”) may be involved in a “work from home scam.” The fraudster will instruct that individual to send the money on to another mule. This will continue several more times until eventually, it gets into the fraudster’s hands. As an RCU Member, you are responsible for what activity occurs in your account.

If you have received funds into your account from someone you do not know, do not spend the money or send it on until you have had a conversation with RCU branch manager or member service representative in the Member Service Center. Call 1 (800) 479-7928 to report possible fraud on your account.