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What is the safest way to sell something online?

I am selling an item to someone I don’t know. What is the best way to get paid?

Meet the person at their bank and conduct the transfer within the safety of the branch office.  Some thieves using online marketplaces have been known to steal the item they are purchasing when meeting in person so use caution at all times.

Receive funds via PayPal.  PayPal allows an arm’s length transaction and does not require you to provide your personal banking information to the buyer.

If you receive a cashier’s check (or any check) in the mail, take it to the paying financial institution for payment. If you deposit it at your own financial institution it could be returned weeks or months later when discovered by the true account owner. The funds would then be reversed from your account and you would experience a financial loss.

Request the funds in cash.  Always meet the buyer in a safe place such as the nearest RCU office. Deposit the cash with a teller who can inspect the bills for legitimacy.

Remember, never do business with a person asking for all or part of the proceeds to be returned to them. They are without exception fraudulent.