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How do I unenroll from viewing my FICO® Score in Mobile banking?

To unenroll from viewing your FICO® Score you will need to login the RCU mobile app and go to the Account Info section of the navigation menu. Click on FICO® Score.

Image of My FICO <sup>&reg;</sup> Score navigation

On the FICO® Score page scroll down to the bottom of the content. Click on the link "To unenroll from your FICO® Score" (see circled link on screen shot below).

Image of an example of the bottom of the FICO<sup>&reg;</sup> Score Page

Once you click the unenroll link, click "Confirm". You will not have access to your FICO® score until you re-enroll into the service.

Opt Out of FICO Score page

If you would like to view your FICO® Score in the future go to the Account Summary section of the navigation menu and click on FICO® Score. Click "Accept" on the sign up form and you will be able to view FICO® Scores within online banking.

Image of Sign up to view your FICO<sup>®</sup> Score

> How do I unenroll from viewing my FICO® Score in online banking?