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Digital banking troubleshooting steps for older devices and operating systems

Some older devices, operating systems, and browsers may require additional steps to be compatible with digital banking. In general, it’s a good idea to stay current with the latest operating system and browser updates to keep your apps and programs running smoothly and ensure you have the latest security updates.

Please refer to the items below for details and support steps for your specific device or system:

Android Devices

App: RCU’s mobile app requires Android 9.0 (2018) or newer to install the app. Android users with Android 9.0 and 10.0, should update their system WebView app to the latest version. This requires you to restart your device.

Browser: Android users with Android 7.0 (2016) or newer can update Google Chrome to the current version and log in to digital banking from the website.

iOS Devices

App and browser: RCU’s digital banking requires iOS or iPad OS 15.0 (2021) to install the app

Devices released in Fall 2015 and later (iPhone 6S, iPhone SE 1st Gen, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4, iPod Touch 7th Gen) can support this OS.


ChromeOS releases are tied to Chrome browser releases. Please ensure your device is running a version of Chrome released within the last year (version 106 as of October 2023).

Windows Operating System

Internet Explorer and Edge Legacy are not supported on any version of Windows.

Windows 10 and 11 support current versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Edge Chromium, all of which work correctly with digital banking. If you are having difficulty, update to the current browser.

You can do so manually:

  • Open your browser menu.
  • Find your browser's About (typically found under Help) and select it.
  • Click the update button.
  • Close your browser and relaunch it.

Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 support recent versions of Chrome (109) and Firefox (115). Use one of these browsers and ensure you have the latest available version.

Windows XP and Vista do not support browsers new enough to use digital banking—a newer device will be required to access digital banking.

Mac Operating System

Mac OS versions 10.14 Mojave (2018) and newer are compatible with digital banking.

Older versions of Mac OS (10.13 Mojave and earlier) are not officially supported by RCU's digital banking. If possible, please update your Mac to a more current Mac OS version. Alternatively, recent versions of Chrome (version 106 or newer) or Firefox (version 103 or newer) are supported by RCU's digital banking.

Review the article What version of Mac OS can my computer run to learn which Macs will run which version of Mac OS.

Linux Operating System

Members on Linux should be able to use the most current version of Firefox unless they are on a very old device (10 years or older). If you are unable to update to Firefox 107 or later, you will need a newer device to access digital banking.

If you need additional help, please contact our support team.